Ergonomic Program

  1. Ergonomic Work Site Evaluations: these comprehensive evaluations are routinely performed for our clients who primarily work on computer and are interested in sit-stand work stations. Each individual is given specific instructions on how to sit, stand, and work in better alignment and posture to reduce stress to joints. We base our recommendations on extensive experience working with companies statewide desiring better working conditions for their employees, and the criteria that is established by OSHA which outlines Industry standards for our work. 
  2. Pre-Employment Screening: companies nationwide have contracted with Laurelhurst to perform pre-employment screening tests for potential employee hiring. We are fully equipped to perform a plethora of exhaustive and conclusive tests, including those that encompass: lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. 
  3. Job Task Analysis (JTA): is the most widely accepted and nationally used process to identify the essential physical requirements to perform job tasks.  Valid job content including the lifting, pushing, and pulling tasks are all measured and quantified. Human Resource Managers and Risk Managers, for example, use the JTA to construct accurate and valid job descriptions with specific physical tasks outlined. JTAs are also used to determine if an injured worker is able to return to duties.