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Ergonomic Work Site Evaluations:

    Our comprehensive evaluations are routinely performed for clients who primarily work on computers. Sit-stand workstations are currently very popular and not always the best solution. Each individual is given specific instructions on how to sit, stand, and work in better alignment and posture to reduce stress to joints. We base our recommendations on our extensive experience and OSHA guidelines working with companies statewide.  

    Here are a few of the many companies have contracted with us to perform Ergonomic Work Site Assessments:
    Wieden and Kennedy, Laika Studios, Ziidell Yards,  Pendleton Woolen Mills, State Farm Insurance offices, Portland Public Schools, Web Design firms, CPA offices, Attorney firms, Non-Profit firms, Private individuals who request home work site evaluations and many more. 

    Pre-Employment Screening:

    Companies nationwide have contracted with Laurelhurst Physical Therapy to perform pre-employment screening tests for potential employees. We are fully equipped to perform a plethora of lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling tests. Our skilled Physical Therapy Staff members will evaluate and test the candidate based on the criteria established in the Pre Screen Test. Candidates need to show ID proof to ensure that we are testing the individual who is referred to the clinic for the test. We recently set up testing for Work Strategies for placement of an employee in the Portland area. 

    Suzanne Trebnick, PT, OCS, COMT has developed Pre-Employment Screening Tests for a number of city municipalities and industries based on the data that is collected in the Job Task Analysis. Many unique tests were developed to duplicate the tasks that are required to perform the job.

    Please contact our office to set up testing for your employees or if you are interested in developing Pre-Employment Screening tests for potential future hires.

    Job Task Analysis (JTA):

    The most widely accepted and nationally recognized process to identify the essential physical requirements to perform job tasks is the JTA. Validating job task that include: lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying is the key component. Human Resource Managers and Risk Managers rely on the JTA for accurate and valid job descriptions with specific physical tasks identified. JTAs are also used to determine if an injured worker is able to return to duties.

    Suzanne Trebnick developed JTAs for all job positions for Driscoll's blueberry packing plant in Canby, Oregon

    Functional Capacity Evaluations:

    Providing a comprehensive evaluation that measures strength, endurance, physical demand work level and positional tolerance. The data gathered through this evaluation objectively defines the injured employee's physical capabilities. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, functional levels for an individual to either return to work or to establish functional ability. The evaluation assists referral sources by offering information for adjudication of claims in short/long-term disability, provides return-to-work capabilities and determines ability levels for liability cases using appropriate medical standards.

    On Site Physical Therapy:

    This service may be the key to a safer workplace. Many companies are examining the value of having physical therapy in-house. Our uniquely trained physical therapists have experience in rehabilitating and training the injured worker to return to work faster. But we don’t stop there! We educate the injured worker on how to prevent an injury from reoccurring. This is critical for the employee's future and the success of the company.


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